14th Wissembourg International Festival

Every time I am visiting Wissembourg, this small cosy town located at the border between France and Germany, I feel home.

Wissembourg International Festival is one of the most pure place hosting great music events I ever knew.

Mr. Hubert Wendel has been running the festival for 14 years already. I am just happy to breathe this summer air, to meet my friends-colleagues (I am honored to be an artist of the festival for 6 years since my first appearance), to spend time with the best cheese and wine and with the very best company.

If you are in Europe during the second half of August, find the time and listen to musicians of very high caliber at Wissembourg Festival for a couple of days or weeks – the annual event deserves to be widely known. Every concert is spectacular, fresh and inspiring. I personally find this place very attractive because I love the “cleanness” of the art, pretty much isolated from any kind of fake fashion or trend – this is just pure music and friendship live in there, every year.
Most welcome.

A few videos from the Festival:

Other Festival videos on Youtube channel

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