Masterpieces Of The Piano Transcriptions. Volume 1

M. Glinka. Valse-fantasie
S. Rachmaninov. Italian Polka

Publishing house Deca-BC, 2005


From the review by professor
of the Moscow State Conservatoire
A. Merkulov

…You will be pleasantly surprised by this brilliant concert transcription (of Glinka’s Waltz-fantasia written by Vyacheslav Gryaznov) with its rare harmony and, if I can say so, wisdom of composing. From my point of view, Gryaznov has showed very high professional standards of writing from the start, and this allowed him to create a really bright – both musically and technically – arrangement by natural means corresponding with the task in the best way, so it would not be easy to add or change a single note in it. Even in the most difficult parts of the transcription Vyacheslav demonstrates unique for his age knowledge of the piano capabilities and excellent logic in passages. I was greatly impressed by the harmony and freedom in Gryaznov’s arrangement – there are some strictly interpreted fragments in his transcription (especially in the beginning), and some episodes written in the style of the wonderful dance music played in saloons in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. There is a piece in the middle of Gryaznov’s transcription completed in Ravel’s manner – with fragile oppressing harmonies, rippled and transparent contents, and calm intimate thoughtfulness. Such a combination of various styles in the transcription of Glinka’s music being based on the alternation of emotional states seems to be very natural. As a result of this attractive mixture of different styles some special stereoscopic effect emerges, this music unites so different epochs, through Glinka’s piece one can see both the world of Russian nobility with their charming home balls, as well as the world of contemporary man.


The second arrangement written by Vyacheslav Gryasnov which is included in this issue is a transcription of Rachmaninov’s “Italian polka”. A mature approach and the richness of the content can be evidently seen in it. You will find here both joy and playfulness on the one hand and bitter and sad notes – hidden in the back-ground and therefor being so pleasant to the ear – on the other, and, of course, plenty of thrilling dance music flowing without restraint but not losing the charm of former saloons. This concert arrangement follows stylistically the manner of Rachmaninov’s musical transcriptions, especially his famous arrangements of Kreisler’s waltzes “Torments of Love” and “Joy of Love”. I am sure that Gryaznov’s concert transcriptions have all grounds to achieve real success in the future, moreover this genre-writing is developing very quickly nowadays. Gryaznov has managed to fulfil P.Tchaikovsky’s precept given in connection with young Rachmaninov’s initial experiences of transcripting music: “It is necessary to have a desire for creation, courage, energy and brilliance, and be free from the slave submission to the authority of composers”…

Professor of the Moscow State Conservatoire
A. Merkulov

performed by Vyacheslav Gryaznov, piano

Download SCORE Italian Polka | Valse-fantasie | Buy google-play

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19 thoughts on “Masterpieces Of The Piano Transcriptions. Volume 1”

  1. Hello Mr. Gryaznov

    I understand Italian Polka was published in 2005.
    We are seeking for a piece that’s composed 2005 and after.
    Will you categorize Italia Polka as qualified?

    Thank you

  2. Ho studiato la Rapsodia in Black !!! La trovo fantastica!!!! Sei un compositore geniale !!! Ho eseguito anche la tua trascrizione a 4 mani della Carmen…. Meravigliosa!!! Mi piacerebbe avere qualche brano ancora a 4 mani!!! O due pianoforti!!! Un saluto dalla Sicilia…..

  3. Hi,

    thanks you very much for uploading the scores of your arrangement of Rachs Polka Italienne!!
    For me it’s the best piece you ever wrote! I’m also a big fan of Rachmaninoff; for me he is my role model! ;)
    When you are interestet in other composers like me, I would give you my newest
    concert-etude in D. Sent me an e-mail! :D

    greetings from Germany


  4. My greatest gratitude to you maestro. Finding these transcriptions for download is like uncovering a lost gold mine, for me at least. These will be treated with utmost care. Continue on with the masterful work.


  5. I think your transcription of the Italian Polka is a real gem and a perfect encore. Not at all easy but such fun to work at. In my opinion it is more successful than Rachmaninoff’s own Polka de WR. Thank you so much

  6. Спасибо огромное. Ваше мастерство восхищает. Концерт удивительный.

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