S. Rachmaninoff – V. Gryaznov. Romance for 6 hands

V. Temnov – V. Gryaznov. Quadrille

A. Piazzolla – V. Gryaznov. Oblivion

F. Couperin – V. Gryaznov. Tic-Toc-Choc

Seasons, Chinese Folk Song

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  1. Thank you so much for making such a beautiful arrangement of the Piazzola and for making it available.
    Is it OK to play through with friends?It would be such a pleasure.
    Best wishes,

  2. Dear Vyacheslav,
    Thank you so much for making Piazzolla arrangement! Incidentally, we are playing Franck Quintet tomorrow night and were told to prepare an encore…and I found your arrangement! Thank you for saving our lives! 🙂
    Nastja Markina

  3. Such a wonderful song!! I loved the arrangement of Oblivion!! Do you perhaps have a transposed score for viola part for violin?

  4. absolutely stunning performances, I am just speechless at the creativity, pianism and musicianship of your work. Would we please be able to have the piano part to the Rachmaninov Romance? The Zip file only has violin and cello parts. Greetings from Australia

    1. Done! Thank you!

  5. Super Awesome! You are so talent!

  6. Simply excellent all of your material, many thanks for doing all of it , available! If you may permit us to play the arrangement from Romance for 6 hands to play with two friends in Argentina? Many greetings from Argentina! Pablo

    1. Thanks, Pablo!
      Yes, sure, you can play the Romance.

      All the best

  7. Fantastic performances (especially Art of Fugue!) and transcriptions! Thank you for making them available. Are you planning to publish or post your conclusion to the last Contrapunctus of Art of Fugue? (Please!!) It is very beautiful and in the style of Bach.

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