One of my good friends once asked me, There is no way to compete with the beauty of natural voice, or the capabilities and power of an orchestra’s sonority; what sense does it make for you to create transcriptions for the piano?

It was a good question. I answered, do you like black & white photos?

With all the progress in technology, and the infinite possibilities it affords us now, black and white art remains one of the most stylish and creative ways to express an artist’s viewpoint. The lack of vivid color forces an artist to capture the form and essence of his work, not merely some colorful decoration. To this, I can make a comparison to the genre of piano transcription: my goal is always to clarify the sense and soul of the music I choose to arrange for the piano, and to make it sound natural on the piano.

The process of creating any piano transcription is completely unique each and every time. I very much enjoy this unpredictability, and love when a spontaneous idea comes into my mind and yields an absolutely new and fresh vision of the music with which I am working.

piano solo

piano duo, trio & quartet

two pianos & choir

piano & orchestra




  1. JH

    Absolutely marvelous arrangements!!! (And performances!)

    I did not find the piano part/scores in the zip files for your arrangements of Rachmaninoff Romance for 6 hands and Temnoff Quadrille. Is there a way to get them?

  2. wolf dominique

    Fantastic transcription !!!! bravo !
    As a piano composer, I can appreciate !
    Please, I want to ask you if you are interested to record my 22 piano romantic studies. The musical qualities and difficulties are similar to the chopin ?tudes !
    If you want ot have a look, please give my a mail adress where I can sent to you the scores and audio extract.


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